CalMHSA’s Board establishes vision and mission, and a strategic plan in support of that vision and mission. It creates, monitors, and is held accountable for policy setting, and serves as Ambassadors for the JPA, with all stakeholders, interested parties, strategic partners, consumers. CalMHSA’s Board is comprised of one representative from each member county. In addition to the director, an alternate is designated by the director, who may vote in the absence of the director. The Board provides policy direction for the Executive Committee, and the Executive Director, and other appointed committees. The Board holds at least two regular meetings each year to review all CalMHSA operations. The Board establishes a time and place to hold such regular meetings. All meetings of the Board are conducted in accordance with the Ralph M. Brown Act (Government Code §54950 et seq.)

CalMHSA’s Board reserves unto itself the authority to do the following (except where specifically otherwise noted the majority of the Board members present at a meeting may take action):

  • Accept a new member into the Authority
  • Approve indebtedness (two-thirds vote of the entire Board)
  • Adopt a budget
  • Amend the Bylaws
  • Approve contracts for Authority administrative services and legal counsel
  • Approve Program Bylaws (Participants in Programs Only)
  • Approve dividends and assessment to members of a program year
  • Establish or terminate a program (Participants in Programs Only)
  • Expel a member from the Authority (two-thirds vote of the entire board)
  • Terminate or suspend the rights of a member in default (two-thirds vote of the entire board)
  • Approve dissolution of Authority (two-thirds vote of entire board)
  • Establish vision and mission
  • Establish a strategic plan in support of the vision and mission
  • Serve as ambassadors for the Authority, stakeholders, strategic partners and consumers

New Member Orientation

CalMHSA Board of Directors and Alternate Roster

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