All CalMHSA committees are currently in formation. The following outlines the directional committees of CalMHSA and the purpose of processes associated with each committee in formation.

CalMHSA’s Advisory Committee (active) serves as a hub of communication and disseminates all program information to stakeholders, partners, Board of Directors, etc. by providing ongoing oversight of regular reporting from Program Partners in key areas related to Core Principles adopted by CalMHSA; development and administration of a system for compiling, analyzing and reporting stakeholder feedback on the statewide PEI and other programs; ongoing oversight related to new programs or structures to be created, including program monitoring, compliance, and reporting of results; and input on member services and expansion of CalMHSA services.
CalMHSA Advisory Committee Roster

CalMHSA’s Executive Committee (active) facilitates the expeditious handling of transactions relating to the Authority’s operations. The Executive Committee Members include: 1) the offices of President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary; and 2) five directors representing the five areas. On July 1 of each even numbered year, four of the representatives shall be elected for a two-year term to commence on July 1 of each even numbered year. On July 1 of each odd numbered year, one representative shall be elected for a two-year term to commence July 1 of each odd numbered year to serve on the Executive Committee along with the President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary. A majority of the members of the Executive Committee is a quorum for the transaction of business. Executive Committee will meet as required by business, but not less than four times a year. All meetings of the Executive Committee shall be conducted in accordance with the Ralph M. Brown Act (Government Code § 54950, et seq.).
CalMHSA Executive Committee Roster

CalMHSA’s Finance Committee (active) reviews and receive approval of the budget (JPA and Program). The Finance Committee reviews the quarterly financial statements and the monthly treasurer reports. It also reviews and receives approval of the investment policy as well as handle the monitoring of the results. The Finance Committee monitors the regulatory financial requirements as well as reviews and approves the insurance policies and banking arrangements. The Finance Committee selects the audit firm and reviews and receives the approval of audit reports.
CalMHSA Finance Committee Roster

CalMHSA’s Finance Ad Hoc Committee (in-active)

CalMHSA’s Implementation Ad Hoc Committee (in-active)

CalMHSA’s Regulatory Committee (in-active) focuses on interacting with various legislative bodies and advocacy groups.

CalMHSA ‘s President has the authority to appoint an ad hoc committee at any time as the Executive Committee has the authority to add additional committee(s) as deemed necessary.


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