About Us

An Evolving Impetus
CalMHSA‘s impetus is evolving as we provide counties an independent administrative and fiscal intergovernmental structure for jointly developing, funding, and implementing mental health services and educational programs at the state, regional, and local levels.

As an on-going efficient delivery mechanism for statewide and other California mental health projects, a central component of CalMHSA‘s vision is to continually promote systems and services arising from a commitment to community mental health, and to the values of the California Mental Health Services Act.

CalMHSA serves California Counties and Cities in the dynamic delivery of mental health and supportive services. A nationally recognized leader, CalMHSA inspires the service community through its commitment to results and values. Successful statewide and regional programs enable the voice of many to be heard.

Promoting Efficiency, Effectiveness and Enterprise among Counties and Cities

The mission of CalMHSA is to provide member counties a flexible, efficient, and effective administrative/fiscal structure focused on collaborative partnerships and pooling efforts in:

  • Development and implementation of common strategies and programs
  • Fiscal integrity, protections, and management of collective risk
  • Accountability at state, regional, and local levels


CalMHSA shall continually promote:

  • Systems and services which strengthen and transform community mental health and reduce disparities in access, utilization and outcomes by age, race, ethnicity and gender, sexual orientation, nationality and disability;
  • Efficiency, expertise, innovation, accountability and quality;
  • Transparency and stakeholder input;
  • Prevention and early intervention;
  • Community collaboration; cultural competence;
  • Recognition that geographical features might require unique program interventions;
  • Client/family-driven mental health system for children, transition age youth adults, older adults;
  • Wellness focus, including recovery and resilience;
  • Integrated service experiences and interactions; (integration may occur in other systems such as primary care, aging services, education, etc)
  • Qualified, culturally competent and diverse public mental health workforce with the knowledge and skills to work with age-specific and racially, ethnically and culturally diverse populations.

Leadership Management
Driven, lead, and supported by best practices organizations and individuals actively working together, collaboratively developing partnerships, educating, and informing, CalMHSA operates within the statues governing Joint Powers Agreement (JPA) entities, and complies with the Brown Act open meeting requirements.


"Mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of, but stigma and bias shame us all."

— Former US President Bill Clinton

Artwork by: Cynthia Manuszak