2011-2015 (Phase I)

CalMHSA was formed in July 2009 to implement the PEI Statewide Project and, during the next nine months, developed strategic plans and executed a contract with the California Department of Mental Health. CalMHSA then carried out the MHSOAC Guidelines by gathering stakeholder input and establishing the CalMHSA Implementation Ad Hoc Committee to oversee development of the CalMHSA Statewide PEI Implementation Work Plan.

In January 2011, the Work Plan was approved by the MHSOAC as an implementation guide for the three initiatives (suicide prevention, stigma and discrimination reduction, and student mental health). The Work Plan provided an outline for the first phase of the statewide implementation—containing priorities and themes, and focusing on recommended actions and budget information. Upon Work Plan approval, requests for proposals and applications (RFPs/RFAs) were released, containing detailed scopes of work and budget information for 24 separate programs.

In spring 2011, proposal review panels comprised of subject matter experts met to evaluate the submitted proposals. In summer 2011, selected proposers were approved by the CalMHSA Board of Directors, and staff began contract negotiations, which were completed in early December 2011. A total of 25 providers were identified to implement the Work Plan by June 30, 2014, with the evaluation to be completed the following year.

Phase I PEI Statewide Programs Summary and Key Activities Report (download)

Phase I Statewide PEI Implementation Work Plan (download)