2015-2017 (Phase II)

The Phase II Plan examined the original CalMHSA PEI Statewide Project Implementation Work Plan and revised as necessary to reflect the information and data gleaned from the implementation of the first plan, and incorporated new strategic direction as a result of major policy changes, such as the Affordable Care Act (ACA), and input from key stakeholders. Beginning in January 2014, CalMHSA developed the Phase II Plan. This included establishing a Steering Committee that convened to develop priority areas and explore diverse funding options, including MHSA funds and other public and/or private funding streams for sustaining the plan. In April, we also convened a focus group comprised of a small number of county directors and MHSA and PEI Coordinators representing several regions in the state including small counties in order to obtain an operational perspective and input to the Phase II Plan about what is working, not working and how statewide or state-level activities could better coordinate with and support local and regional PEI efforts. Below is the Phase II Plan that culminated from the six-month, intensive planning process. The Phase II Plan was written by CIBHS with CalMHSA staff for the CalMHSA Board of Directors and was approved at their meeting on August 14, 2014.

The Phase II Plan is organized around:

  • Four Wellness Areas to achieve that broad coverage:



  • Six Key Strategies including many different kinds of activities that reflect a public health/population based approach for advancing community change:



Six Strategies covering Four Wellness Areas: Estimated to require at least $20 million per year

The magnitude of this Plan will require a phased approach and diverse sources of funding. The Board continues to seek diverse funding to augment the county funding. To date these efforts have not resulted in additional funds. As a result, since then only an RFP for Program One  could be released which aims to keep the most vital investments in the Statewide Initiatives sustained and Program Two  was funded through contract extensions for contractors from Phase I.


 CalMHSA Statewide PEI Phase II Plan (download)

Recommendations for County PEI Funded Activities in Phase II as of June 2014 (download)