Stigma & Discrimination Reduction (SDR)

Stigma and Discrimination Reduction (SDR) Initiative uses a full range of Prevention and Early Intervention Strategies across the lifespan and across diverse backgrounds to confront the fundamental causes of stigmatizing attitudes and discriminatory and prejudicial actions.

Program One: Strategies for a Supportive Environment

  1. Networking Consortium – George Hills Company, Inc.
  2. Social Marketing –  Runyon Saltzman & Einhorn
  3. Capacity BuildingUnited Advocates for Children and Families

Program Two: Values, Practices and Policies

  1. Resource DevelopmentMental Health Association of San Francisco
  2. Media and Entertainment IndustryEntertainment Industries Council, Inc.
  3. Promoting Integrated HealthCommunity Clinics Initiative
  4. MH in the WorkplaceMental Health America of California
  5. MH and System Partners – National Alliance on Mental Illness

Program Three: Promising Practices Program – Mental Health Association of San Francisco

Program Four: Advancing Policy to Eliminate Discrimination – Disability Rights California


Background Documents:


"The last great stigma of the twentieth century is the stigma of mental illness."

— Tipper Gore

Artwork by: Gary R. Bustin