Prevention and Early Intervention

DEADLINE EXTENDED: Prevention and Early Intervention Request for Proposal for FY 2020-2023: CalMHSA, in partnership with our Members, is proud to announce the Prevention and Early Intervention Request for Proposals for Fiscal Years 2020-2023. The applications for this RFP are due by noon on April 20, 2020. Please email with any questions. Questions will only be accepted until April 3, 2020 and an FAQ will be posted on April 6, 2020.

Please see the RFP here.

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About the Statewide PEI Project

The Statewide PEI Project is publicly known as Each Mind Matters: California’s Mental Health Movement, which represents an umbrella name and vision to amplify individual efforts from the county and other organizations that are taking place across California under a united movement to reduce stigma and discrimination and prevent suicides.

Strategies of the Statewide PEI Project are guided by the Phase III Statewide PEI Project Implementation Plan, approved by the CalMHSA Board of Directors in December 2016. Current strategies include:

  1. Social Marketing & Informational Resources
    1. Utilize social change, social science and marketing concepts to change attitudes and behaviors regarding mental illness and accessing services
    2. Disseminate an array of quality resource materials that are culturally responsive for California’s diverse communities to increase awareness and knowledge of mental health, wellness and services
    3. Provide outreach, engagement and technical assistance to counties, community-based organizations and other key partners to 1) access, refine, tailor and use materials, and 2) to achieve and ensure cultural relevant
  2. Research, Evaluation and Surveillance
    1. Carry out activities to improve understanding of suicide risk factors and population-level attitude change to verify stigma is being reduced and effective prevention and early intervention strategies across institutions and communities
    2. Develop metrics for and collect data to evaluate the performance and outcomes of Statewide PEI Project activities
    3. Measure results including both process and outcomes of all contracted activities.

Under these strategies, current activities and programs include:

  • Maintaining and expanding public awareness and education campaigns
  • Creating new outreach materials for diverse audiences
  • Providing technical assistance and outreach to county agencies, schools and community based organizations
  • Providing mental health/stigma reduction trainings to diverse audiences
  • Engaging youth through the Directing Change program
  • Building the capacities of schools to address mental health, stigma reduction and suicide prevention.

Below is a summary of CalMHSA’s FY 17/18 contractors, and a summary scope of work for each:


Implement social marketing, media and public awareness and education activities to expand the reach and impact of Each Mind Matters: California’s Mental Health Movement, including developing new materials for California’s diverse communities with emphasis on Latino communities

Each Mind Matters Outreach & Engagement

Further expand the Each Mind Matters partners network and promote grassroots fund development opportunities; manage the Each Mind Matters store to expand dissemination of resources and materials to the general population and engage key sectors in Each Mind Matters

NAMI California

Engage local NAMI affiliates and NAMI On Campus School Clubs to continue and increase outreach and dissemination of NAMI and Each Mind Matters programs and resources; emphasizing the reach and impact of Mental Health 101 educational presentations reaching California’s diverse communities, especially Latino communities

Active Minds

Support and engage California Active Minds Chapters on college campuses to engage a network of student mental health leaders and advocates to outreach and disseminate Each Mind Matters and Active Minds resources and programs

Foundation for California Community Colleges

Support and engage California Community College students, faculty and staff to promote and disseminate California’s Community College Student Mental Health Program and Each Mind Matters information, tools and resources including supporting the community Colleges Health Services regional networks

Your Social Marketer

Provide customized resource navigation, technical assistance, and capacity building support to County Behavioral Health Agencies and their community partners to support local PEI goals and leverage resources between local and statewide efforts

The Social Changery

Provide customized resource navigation, technical assistance and capacity building support to Community Based Organizations to support local PEI goals and leverage resources between local and statewide efforts, including fostering collaborative networks and implementing the Community Based Organization mini-grant program

Directing Change

Implement the annual Directing Change program reaching youth ages 14-25

RAND Corporation

Conduct analysis of the reach of Each Mind Matters, Know the Signs, and other programs by county and statewide


All initiatives implemented under the Statewide PEI Project are collectively known as “Each Mind Matters: California’s Mental Health Movement”. These initiatives include:

Each Mind Matters: California’s Mental Health Movement –, (Spanish)

Know the Signs: Suicide Is Preventable–, (Spanish)

Walk In Our Shoes –, (Spanish)

Directing Change –

All resources developed under Each Mind Matters: California’s Mental Health Movement, can be found at the Each Mind Matters Resource Center –

All program and statewide evaluations conducted by the RAND Corporation on behalf of CalMHSA can be found here: